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How Much Does Part B Cost?

Most people pay $164.90 for Medicare Part B.   However, higher income earners may end up having to pay more depending on their level of income.

If you are receiving social security benefits then your Part B premium will come out of your social security check.

If you do not yet get social security then you will get billed every quarter for the Part B Premium

Part B Medicare is sometimes referred to as "Medical Coverage"

What Does Medicare Part B Cover?

  • Medically Necessary Services
  • Preventable Services
  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • Ambulance

Medicare Part B Benefits and Costs

What is the Annual Deductible for Medicare Part B?

The Annual Medicare Part B Deductible is currently $226 before Original Medicare starts paying

After you have paid the Annual Deductible, then Medicare Part B will pay 80% and you will have to pay for 20% of the Part B portion of your bill.  

That 20% is what many people refer to as "Medigap"

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Avoid Late Enrollment Penalties

If you do not properly enroll in Medicare Part B when you are supposed to enroll then you may incur a financial penalty... and that Penalty is a LIFETIME penalty.    

Please click HERE to learn about when to enroll in Medicare

Make sure you properly enroll at the appropriate time to avoid any financial penalties.