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Free Online Medicare Educational Seminar

Want To Lean All About Medicare Without The Hassle Of Talking With Some Salesperson?  

You are cordially invited to a Free Online Medicare Educational Class... It's at your own pace.  

You will learn:

✅ The Basics of Medicare

✅ Part A & Part B benefits and costs

✅ Part D (Prescription Drug Plans)

✅ Medicare Part C

✅ How To Avoid The 3 Medicare Financial Penalties

✅ Medicare Supplements

✅ Medicare Advantage Plans

✅ Comparing Medicare Options

✅ When & How To Enroll In Medicare

✅ How To Drastically Lower Prescription Drug Costs

✅ The Extra Help Program

✅ Dental, Vision and Hearing while on Medicare

...and a whole lot more.​

We do not sell your information to others and we do not call you all day long a bunch of times.

Our goal is to help those that want help 

To enroll into the Free Online Medicare Educational Seminar please fill out the form below.

We will text you the link to the Free Online Seminar from a 540 area code (we are located in Fredericksburg Virginia) so please use your cell phone as your phone number and look for the text with the link to the Seminar.