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There Is A Lot Of Advertising For Medicare Advantage Plans

You will see a lot of advertising about Medicare Advantage Plans especially during the Annual Enrollment Period (Oct 15- Dec 7) each year.  

Medicare Advantage plans do have costs included within the plan such as deductibles, Co-Pays, and Coinsurance.

We recommend the you should read through the Summary Of Benefits to see what the benefits are and what you might have to pay out of pocker for your Medicare Advantage Plan.

Medicare advantage plans are offered by private insurance companies.  Those private insurance companies take over Original Medicare Part A and Part B, which then combine to become Part C.

Key Points of Medicare Advantage

  • Have "In Network" and "Out Of Network" when referring to healthcare providers.
  • May include Dental, Vision and Hearing and other benefits.
  • They typically have Co-Payments, Deductibles, and "Maximum Out Of Pocket" or MOOP.
  • Have Enrollment Periods such as the Annual Enrollment Period (Oct 15 Dec 7).
  • Always make sure all your Doctors and medications are included the Medicare Advantage plan before signing up for the plan.

What Is Medicare Advantage?

Medicare Advantage Plans Are Usually either HMO's or PPO's

HMO:  An HMO limits you to "In Network" providers as set by the insurance company.

PPO:  A PPO allows you to go outside of the network but the provider outside of the network must accept your PPO plan, so we recommend asking that Doctor before getting care from that doctor.

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